Letting go

Nadia NarainComment

They say letting go of something makes space for something new.........

I know that when i look back on my life in times where ive been forced to let someone or some situation go, not by my choice its been a very comforting saying, and has always rung true.

It may take a while but sure enough something else comes along, whether its a new relationship, meeting a new person, a new oppurtunity to work or just simply making space for me!

But when i make the decision to let a situation go its not quite as easy, i question it alot more. I have to trust myself and my decision. I have to take responsibility for my action.

So i decided to spend a bit of time scanning my body and noticing how i felt in my day and actually i felt lighter and more spacious in my head and in my heart.

Feeling the feeling felt like id make the right decision rather than thinking about the decision

It may take a while to fill the space but im quite enjoying having the space open. Ive been working on creating space in my yoga practice in the body and in the mind and now in the choice i make in my life with the company i keep, the work load i take on and any other areas that no longer serve me .

So far its working, not always easy but definitely liberating