Nadia NarainComment

Christmas is a tricky time for feeling fit and healthy because if I'm honest it's not really the time to be.

It's about excess in every possible way.

Too many deadlines with work

Too many Christmas parties

Too many presents to buy

Too much family

Too much food and drink ....

All round it's a very heightened time in every possible way.

I was asked to write a piece for a magazine on how to keep from feeling bloated.... Well I just don't have a straight answer!

I'm going away this Christmas and where I'm going it's hot and healthy and lots of fresh food and yoga but even we go nuts on Christmas Day and feel totally bloated and take naps and it's the time of year to relax and not get too crazy about that stuff.

A mixture of lots of food, alcohol and sweets are always going to make you feel bloated but here are a few things that can perhaps help without losing the Christmas cheer and being the only one at the table that is only eating the sprouts ( too many of those will cause bloating too!)

One important step to anything digesting is relaxing about it.

Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day are celebrations renowned for their food. Some good, some not so good depending on who's cooking!

Try and keep everything as fresh as possible.

No packet food or processed food...... And use good ingredients such as Himalayan salt instead of processed salt.

If you have the time and are making traditional food, make sure there's also some clean food that's easy to digest. Like blanched greens or roast sweet potatoes.

So you have a choice.

I've also started using some digestive enzymes that helps with digestion before bed if I've eaten a lot of eaten late.

I like to try and eat an early dinner rather than a late one especially when there's lots of food involved and it usually keeps the kids happier....

Try and walk each day. It's the perfect thing to do with whole family after a big lunch or dinner whether you're in the country side or in the city.

As far as a yoga practice goes sometimes it's nice to get some of the family together and go to a local yoga class . If you're visiting your mum she may want to take you along to her class or if you're wanting to inspire someone in the family try and remember a few simple moves and show them.

Really we shouldn't be practicing on a full stomach anyways or after a few glasses of wine so the best thing to do is do a few moves in the morning when you wake up.

Just do what you remember and if you can do 15 minutes not only will it help you feel good in your body but it will give you some space to connect to yourself when there's a lot going on around you.

But most of all try and breathe!
And enjoy yourself in whatever way it makes sense to you!