Change your mind and relax into things as they are

Nadia Narain1 Comment

This morning I woke up from very strange and stressful dreams. You know those ones where you are dreaming but it feels so real.
So I woke up feeling all disturbed, exhausted and a bit down.

I'm on holiday and staying at a friends house and we decided to get the mats out and just do some yoga together this morning. We only had 50 mins and we kept it super simple and sweet. 2 minutes of breathing on our backs to start with, a twist on the back. Coming up to sit and doing a few neck rolls and some spinal flexing. We came onto hands and knees and did some cat /cow which is super simple but one of my all time favourites. Down Dog, a few Sun Salutes. We went to some standing poses. I felt I needed a head stand to shift things a bit in my head. We came back down to the floor for forehead to knee pose (Janushriasana) and then back down to our backs for a few minutes of Savasana.

I sat up and meditated for just 5 minutes at the end.
It was perfect and instantly I feel different.
Not just physically but emotionally.

Yoga really does change your mind set, and although I'm a teacher Im always amazed at how well it works! I keep my practice super simple as that's how I get on with it.

I kept my practice nice and easy for me but wrote it down to hopefully inspire you to do a little bit a day........

When people say what shall I do for an hour and half a day?
Or I can't remember anything for an hour a day
It feels so out of reach that you end up doing nothing.

I just recommend do what you remember. Even if it's only 3/4 poses. Do each pose /each side for 5 breaths. Start with some calm breathing, end with savasana and a little mediation and you'll see how fast 15-20 minutes flies by and how great you feel!
Nadia x