Learning to be kind to yourself

Nadia Narain1 Comment

This is an interesting concept for me and doesn’t come so naturally….

However I spend all my days being kind to others and looking after others and teaching them to be kind to themselves

A very good friend who is a little older and wiser gave me the best piece of advice, I think ever given when I was going through a particularly stressful time in my life “find something nice to do for yourself everyday”

It was a lovely idea but something that took me a while to understand and when I got it, it made a huge impact on how I managed the stress.

People get the concept a little mixed up when they think its just about shopping and buying things for themselves………

Oh yes ill buy those shoes ………. that’s a good excuse to be “kind to yourself”

Or food……….ill eat a box of donuts (and then usually hating yourself……..both bad!)

But I think its right down to making sure you have had some good food in the day, (feeding yourself from nourishment and not from the view that you cant have things)……  Exercisingwith the right attitude, (because it feels good to move your body not because there is something wrong with your body) maybe even taken a nap in the middle of the day, if that is required.

And when I meditate I really notice how mean I am ………to myself! Observing this fierce loop that goes on in my own head and how harsh I am on myself!! Its painful and its exhausting and its just not nice.

Im so positive with my friends and my yoga students and im so hard on myself! I am not practicing what I teach at all!!!!

So it’s a process and although its not easy,  I’m learning and im practicing and its very softening and hugely impactful on my life.

Learning to say no , when ive done enough

Learning to say yes , when im a bit afraid for no real reason

Learning to be disciplined with social media so I don’t look and compare especially when I feel a bit low

Learning to nourish myself , which seems like something that is natural to do as a yoga teacher, and generally it is , but I can be a little too strict at times

The same goes for yoga practice, its ok to not do yoga every day.

It is nice to walk and rest and be gentle some days

But my main practice is watching the mental chatter, and trying to be as kind to myself as I would my best friend or a teenage girl that came to me for help.

Approaching it all gently even the hard stuff and softening my edges.

Softening from my inside out