Picture credit:  Christina Wilson

Picture credit: Christina Wilson

Gurmukh Khalsa
My first teacher! I walked into her house in Los Angeles, took my first yoga class, and my life changed forever! That was 20 years ago. Gurmukh is director of Golden Bridge Yoga in Los Angeles and the author of 2 books: Beautiful Bountiful Blissful and The Eight Human Talents.

Cyndi Lee
I met Cyndi a few years after Gurmukh and loved her sense of humour and her discipline. I furthered my teaching with the advanced teacher training at Om Yoga with Cyndi. Cyndi was the director of Om Yoga in NYC, but now travels all over teaching. She was the first teacher that brought together the yoga practice with a buddhist philosophy and this was a turning point for me.

Vinny Ferraro and Noah Levine
Most recently I've been practising with my dear friend Vinny Ferraro, and Noah Levine from Against The Stream Buddhist meditation society.

Erich Schiffmann
Erich Schiffmann’s book Moving Into Stillness is my bible for yoga. I carried it around with me for a long time, and finally met him in 2000. I took a teacher training with him and enjoy the freedom he taught me to teach with.

Ina May Gaskin
Ina is the author of Spiritual Midwifery and Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth. After reading Spiritual Midwifery at the age of 18, it was always a dream to go to The Farm in Tennessee where Ina May and the midwives she has worked with for over 30 years live and work. I was privileged to take an assistant midwifery course with her and her determination to change the system and empower and fight for women’s rights in childbirth is a constant inspiration to me.

Marie Mongan
Marie is the author and creator of Hypnobirthing. Studying with Marie was a privilege. From her I learnt how a woman’s perspective on her labour can determine the outcome of the birth. A good philosophy for life.

Nicola Dunn
I have been working with Nicola Dunn since 2010 with the Family Constellation Method. As a therapist and including this methodology I have created a lot of healing and spaciousness in my personal relationships and life.