Picture credit:  Christina Wilson

Picture credit: Christina Wilson

Yoga Testimonials

‘I have been going to Nadia's classes for 14 years. She is an inspiration and finally I get to have a little piece of her at home!’
Lisa Faulkner

‘Nadia's classes are the key to our weekly much needed relaxation I come out of her classes almost walking on air.’
Jools Oliver

‘Nadia is the most amazing teacher; she always brings an enormous amount of beautiful positive energy to class. Her classes are challenging and fun and always leave me feeling uplifted, calm and wanting to go back.’
Lynn Bailie

'Nadia has the perfect balance of rigour with strength and softness with openness in her teaching of yoga. She is disciplined and funny. A great combination. She doesn't take yoga too seriously whilst being a seriously good teacher.'
Rachel Weisz

‘Nadia is an amazing yoga teacher. I love practicing yoga with her because incorporates mind, body and spirit for a complete yoga experience.’
Reese Witherspoon

'Nadia knows how to make bodies longer and stronger. If you invest a little time in doing her yoga, you'll have more energy and your body will be more balanced and find its natural shapeliness.'
Brigid Moss, beauty editor red magazine

‘Nadia’s spirituality awakes my body and soul! Through practising yoga with her it enables me to connect with my inner self! More importantly it is good for my mind and a great to start to my day.’
Kate Moss

‘Nadia's wealth of experience is expressed through her supportive, down to earth approach to teaching yoga. Her energy and attention to detail enable students to develop an honest practice. Nadia's teaching is food for the soul and her classes for me feel like home.’
Karen Yeomans

I couldn't see beyond Bikram until Nadia. She was a much needed epiphany in my practise. I owe her so much.’
Christa D'Souza, contributing editor vogue

'Nadia has been working with a number of our players for many years now. The response has been positive and we have seen many benefits including flexibility, control and a better body awareness which is important in our sport. I would have no hesitation in recommending Nadia who is not only experienced, professional and motivating, she also manages to pitch it at the right level to stimulate interest and good participation from the group.'
Colin Lewin BSc(Hons), MCSP, HPC Head of Medical Services at Arsenal Football Club

'Ever since I started yoga a couple of years ago it has really helped me - not just for my flexibility but to be able to switch off and clear my mind and there is not a worry in the world. I will be doing yoga for many, many years to come.'
Theo Walcott, Arsenal Football Club

'I started Yoga at triyoga in Primrose Hill in 2003. Nadia was my first teacher there. I realised quickly how it helped me to maintain and even to improve my physical condition. Accompanying the hard physical demands of the English Premier League it was a fantastic extra to find a way of relaxation and mental balance while working on flexibility. At the end of my career at the age of 40 I had by far the best training - and game attendance record - thanks as well to Yoga.'
Jens Lehmann

‘After a class with Nadia I feel like I have done good to both my body and mind. Her classes help me release tensions in my body and her teaching is to me like reading pages of my favourite book; fun, relaxing, filling my need of learning. On the long term I noticed her teaching is opening my heart, body and mind.’
Charlene Suric

'I started practising yoga with Nadia after a back injury. I discovered a new range of movements and breathing exercises to help me heal and avoid more injuries. I am very grateful to Nadia that she opened me to a different way of taking care of my body, which is essential for every athlete.'
Gael Clichy, Manchester City Football Club

'Our people work hard, and have considerable influence across a wider workforce. If our organisation is to succeed, then our peoples' on-going emotional, physical and spiritual health is of strategic significance. Nadia has worked with our business since September 2011 and has been pivotal in the development of a ground-breaking corporate retreat designed to help people re-establish that all important balance back into their busy lives, and there is no doubt that her influence will resonate for many years to come.
Nadia has supported the project from the very start, driving forward with the elements that she saw as essential. Her incredible skill and engaging personality have enabled our key people to experience the benefits of gentle yoga, physical exercise, healthy eating and meditation. The feedback from our people has been overwhelmingly positive, and a great many have returned to work and immediately implemented initiatives to reach out to their own staff and give them something to help improve their well being - this is exactly the level of impact we were looking for.
Nadia's impact in our business will be transformational. Our Wellness Retreats will have provided the environment to allow Nadia to share her skill and passion to care for others with nearly 200 people, giving each and every one of them a reminder to take care of themselves, but more importantly, an introduction to the techniques of yoga and meditation that for some will become a daily source of revitalisation.'
Gillian Duggan, MD Amey Community

‘I love Nadia's classes because her approach is grounded and positive and I have the space and time to reflect both in body and soul. I find her classes uplifting and spacious and always look forward to the next one.’
Varda Lassman

"When I came to triyoga years ago, it was an incredible relief to find a teacher who was so clear, who was unsentimental about what it took to practice well, and who did not bother with any superficial ingratiating behaviour that really has little substance to it.  Within all this however, I have always felt your kindness, your absolute commitment to the teaching and the students, and more importantly that I could approach you on anything if I needed to. I know I don't do that, I can be a little reserved, but it's so easy (for me) as a student to revere a teacher in the 'wrong' way, place them on the pedestal, and yet everything about your approach inspires equality and authenticity to me. The straightforwardness in you, the clarity of expression, is everything."
Kathryn Inglese


Pregnancy Yoga Testimonials

'Nadia is an amazing teacher. She encouraged me to trust and work with my body during both pregnancy and birth. I learnt stamina and strength as well as focus and peace. Every class leaves me invigorated with energy yet calm. I also feel I learn the knowledge that my body knows how to birth without intervention.'
Sam Taylor Johnson

'Her deep understanding and appreciation of pregnancy and labour fills her classes with valuable information. I left every class feeling deeply touched, alive, connected to my body, my baby, and confident in my ability to give birth naturally, as I wanted. Nadia gave me the inspiration, the poetry, the smiles, the energy, the strength, the knowledge, to have a beautiful pregnancy, empowering natural births (VBAC), and a positive and loving transition into motherhood.’
Sarah Altjmed

'I don't know what I would have done if it wasn't for Nadia. She helped me so much throughout my pregnancy, and not just in a physical way, she makes you feel like a super woman who is capable of anything, which is exactly what I needed before starting the most challenging and exciting new chapter of my life.'
Lara Stone

‘We loved the partner's workshop. Not only did it give my partner a great insight into how I was preparing for the birth of our child but it also gave him an incredible opportunity to really connect with our baby. From that point on he was so much more connected to the whole process. Priceless! We would recommend it highly!’
Varda and Cerdic