Picture credit:  Graeme Montgomery

Picture credit: Graeme Montgomery


In these classes I hope to teach pregnant women to empower themselves: not just by thinking of having a natural birth but by teaching them to have a conscious birth. Every step of the way I hope to help them feel knowledgeable and confident about their choices at this early stage of motherhood, preparing them for the many decisions they will need to make as mothers in the future.

Labour is the easiest part of becoming a mother! 

I hope to inspire women to connect to their unborn child through yoga, music, poetry, breath, and meditation, creating a space for them to connect to their bodies, their breath, their babies and to one another in a conscious and joyful way.

Pregnancy yoga develops women’s personal and collective strength as well as their courage and wisdom – as women and now as mothers.

I have been studying pregnancy yoga since the very beginning of my yoga teaching since it was, and still is, so fascinating to me that the body can grow a whole human being, a you or a me. And that the connection the mother has with the baby in utero and for the start of life can affect how that person will be in the world. I have studied with some of the greatest teachers in this field including Ina May Gaskin, Gurmukh Khalsa, Marie Mongan and Michel Odent.

Being pregnant means to be "a vessel for a soul's journey into this world." - Anna Marie Newland

Some beautiful and inspirational pictures of childbirth

Saturday 11.00am – 12.15 Pregnancy yoga
triyoga Camden

A class to develop strength, courage and wisdom for your pregnancy, and a sense of community for the mothers-to-be.

triyoga Camden: 57 Jamestown Road, NW1 7DB

For private classes please email me using the form on the contact page and I will get back to you as soon as possible with availability.