Picture credit:  Graeme Montgomery

Picture credit: Graeme Montgomery

Pregnancy is a completely natural process. The modern world often complicates pregnancy with unnecessary intervention. The healthier and more conscious a woman is during this time, the more chance she has of having a joyful pregnancy and childbirth. 

I run a Pregnancy Teacher Training at triyoga, next dates 5/6 Oct + 2/3 Nov + 7/8 Dec 2019.

The pregnancy training teaches how to remove the obstacles a woman may experience to this most natural of processes. It draws on a broad range of expertise to teach how to create a supportive environment for pregnant women so that they can draw upon their inherent strength and open to their innate softness and ability to nurture both themselves and their baby during this time and beyond into young motherhood. Read more and book now with triyoga.

I also running a Post-Natal Teacher Training Weekend Intensive, 2019 date TBC. This training is specifically designed to give you the skills to teach a foundational class to mothers and their babies from 6 weeks after birth. You will learn how to support new mothers in re-connecting with their own health and well-being as well as guiding them in ways to be with their babies ‘in yoga’. Training will incorporate key insights on the benefits of cranio-osteopathy from a leading therapist who specialises in working with mothers and children. Read more and book now with triyoga.


‘I very much enjoyed the training and thought Nadia was excellent. I particularly enjoyed that Nadia taught us to think critically about why we are doing the postures and sequences and to consider what relevance they have for the pregnant woman. This included not just doing postures or sequences that are included in a Pregnancy Yoga book as this won’t apply for everyone. I also enjoyed Nadia as a teacher as I believe she was very generous in giving as much of her understanding and knowledge to us. I also liked the emphasis she placed on ‘softening’ in the woman’s approach to her body.’

‘Nadia is a real inspiration and kept the group engaged throughout. Her no nonsense approach was refreshing and felt like I learnt a huge amount in quite a short time.’

‘Nadia’s approach to teaching infused the whole room with a relaxed and friendly atmosphere which is something I hope to take with me when I teach my classes.'

'I really enjoyed getting to know the others on the course and the sense of community was really strong. The final ceremony including sharing food was really amazing and a wonderful way to finish the course.’